Hello doctor…

I hate pills….

I made a vicit to my doctor today, and had another blood test, cause I just stayed sick, since Sunday, and well, that just dosent work for me, I dont have time to be ill! So I found out, that I again, have bacterias in my blood. Your blood can have 8% bacterias in it, and be healthy and allright. I had 24% – not the most I ever had before, I think that was like 90% and I got seriously ill, but now I only had abit. The doctor gave me some antibiotics, *a pill every day, keeps the blood infection away…* God how I hate being ill, and this sucks even more, cause its my moms 60th birthday tomorrow, and to know all these guests will be there, just makes it alot worse.. I took a pill today, and I can actually feel it worked, so I hope, that if I take another pill by tomorrow morning, that it will be just fine. *Heres to hoping for a miracle!*


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