*Blows my nose*

God how I hate being sick right now!

I think that last saturday, when I was at the movies, I caught a bug from my friend. She did tell me she had some throat pains, but I dident concider it to be this bad, and for me to catch it, ohh the horror of blowing my nose 24/7, not sleeping, coughing all the freaking time, having huge headaces and sneezing like there is no tomorrow! Im drinking cough sirup, eating pain killers, and blowing my nose all the time, just trying to recover and get on with making my new website.. All I have managed to do at the moment, is to make a damn menu bar…. Why do I have to get sick now? *cry*

Enstead I am spending my time in bed, trying not to infect my mom, wich is having her 60th birthday party at Thursday – wich is tomorrow…! What the hell am I gonna do now?! Cough at all the guests and wish them welcome? I think not… Shit this really sucks. Hope im better by tomorrow, *heres to hoping for the best!* I just think I need a shower, and some sleep. Btw – the clock is 5 in the morning, and I have gotten no sleep at all this night, *Yippie* Might just go and take a shower now for all its worth.. Cause I feel like crap anyway, maybe a hot shower will make it just a tiny bit better? Who knows, I atleast hope so..

Hope everyone had a nice nights sleep, I havent!


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